Before entering any races please ensure that you have read and understood ALL of the event information.

All venue Terms & Conditions (including car parking) must be adhered to at all times.

Our events are run under British Cycling Technical Regulations and overseen by a team of British Cycling commissaires.

Riders compete at their own risk.  These are competitive events ridden at high speed and are not suitable for beginners.  We expect our riders to have some previous experience in the discipline prior to entering – either from other races or through race-specific skills training sessions.

All equipment – including clothing – must be fully compliant and riders are solely responsible for the condition and set-up of their bikes and all associated items.

Use of on-board video or photographic recording equipment of any kind is prohibited during competitive events.  There are no exceptions to this.

British Cycling Membership & Licencing

Silver or Gold British Cycling Membership is required and riders must have a FULL RACING LICENCE, valid for the current year.  We do not accept Provisional or Day Licences.

Racing licences expire on 31st December.  Renewals take a couple of weeks to process so please ensure that you purchase your 2019 licence in time.


Our circuit races are competitive events and are not suitable for beginners.

Prior to registering for membership or entering any races, novice 4th Category licence holders are strongly advised to attend a minimum of TWO skills training sessions which have been specifically developed by Lee Valley VeloPark to assist in your race preparation.  They are designed to improve your racing confidence and to familiarise you with the skills required to participate safely.  There are also Pay & Ride sessions available for people who want to practice on the circuit.


British Cycling’s RACESMART campaign has been designed to promote responsible racing on Britain’s roads and many of it’s principles also apply to closed circuit races and we have included these below.  We also recommend that you watch the videos, even if you’re not a beginner!

The campaign uses digital resources to provide advice about racing etiquette, techniques, riding skills as well as highlighting the role riders can play in protecting the future of the sport.

Who is Racesmart for?

The Racesmart campaign promotes the good habits and positive behaviours of road racing directly to riders in a way that highlights the need to race responsibly.

What will Racesmart achieve?

Racesmart aims to:

  • Emphasise the role that riders can play in protecting the future of road racing
  • Build a culture of collective responsibility where riders respect each other and the racing environment
  • Educate the less experienced riders by promoting good etiquette, techniques and skills and by highlighting the need to Racesmart

For further details on Racesmart, and to watch the videos please go to